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Gems are your currency. You use Gems to deploy Nuggets in your App monthly.

Remember - Live Gems expire in 1 month so make sure:

  • you use your Gems before they expire in a month.

  • you have enough Gems to power your Nuggets so your App users see the Nuggets in your App consistently

If you prefer, elect the subscription at $199 monthly which will always ensure your Gems are automatically replenished each month and Nuggets you chose in your App will always remain alive. You can update/change/manage Nuggets with a Gem balance that permits it all.


Nuggets are functions (aka 'goal enablers', aka 'features') that you deploy in your App. You buy or earn Gems to deploy Nuggets.


You want to communicate full details (like location, date, attendees, pictures, hours, etc.) about your school's annual play to your parents, students, staff, and faculty.

You would want the Events Nugget in your App.

An Events Nugget requires 100 Gems per month.

You can buy 10 Gems for $1.99

(effectively, your Events Nugget would cost $19.90 per month that it is active in your App unless you earned Gems which you can redeem without cost)

Earning Gems

By using your App - the more you leverage the power of your App, the more Gems you earn

When you send a PopUp alert to your audience your earn 1,000 Gems

There are no fees to using Gems. The entire 1,000 Gems can be used (or redeemed) to power an Event tab in your App for 1 month.

Note that sending too many (PopUp)[href="#popup") alerts would annoy your audience and we strongly caution against doing that. The goal of an App is to build a strong connection with your constituents and no to alienate them with annoying (perceived) distractions.

Gems buy Nuggets

Nuggets power Goals in your App, like the ability for users to get door-to-door directions to your location, or buy something, or schedule an appointment, or send in a picture from an event you host, or read a minutes of a meeting that you want to share, etc.

Popup alerts are information boxes that popup as announcements on the phones of users of your App.